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leazy - Never tie your shoes again!

We bend down several times a day to firmly tie up our shoelaces. But there’s now a much easier alternative to tying laces - our leazy laces. Constantly tying up or tripping over your laces is a thing of the past.

Suitable for everyone

The elastic laces from leazy not only add the perfect finishing touch to every outfit, but they also save an enormous amount of time, since they do not need tying thanks to their design. Lacing, tying and untying are no longer necessary! The laces are available in many different colours for men, women, and children, for sports shoes, children’s shoes and trendy trainers.

The leazy laces are particularly suitable for children, expectant mothers, senior citizens, people with mobility issues and back problems, fashion enthusiasts, those with stressful everyday lives and athletes such as triathletes. Try them out for yourself and experience how such a small product can make your day-to-day life so much easier.

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Leazy flat laces

The leazy flat laces are flat, elastic laces with a an anchor hook. They are threaded like normal laces. The elastic laces can be hooked on the last eyelet thanks to the anchor hook.

They’re not just great accessories for children as well as adults who are looking for a functional alternative to all those everyday, boring shoelaces - leazy laces are also ideal for people with limited mobility, for example those with a broken arm, severe arthrosis or reduced mobility during pregnancy. The laces are specially designed to avoid bending down and damaging your back. You can find out how to thread the laces in our instructions.

The laces are currently available in 8 different colours and in 4 sizes (S/M/L and XL), with 4 to 7 eyelets on each side.